4 COSE is not just a store of food, but it is also a contemporary art project and a meeting place for all those people who have the pleasure of shopping in a different way. We want to make the time of purchase a rewarding experience not only for the palate and that makes sense this time spent as an earned time for themselves. Inside the store happen events in dialogue with painting, sculpture, performance, literature,

up to real cooking show. These artistic and cultural events are often organized in concomitanta with the arrival of new products from Italy in order to make the delivery of goods even more pleasing. International artists from different disciplines are invited as well to relate to an unusual place to characterize it through a group of works in dialogue with the food on the shelves.









We're stoked to be able to offer a different environment from the traditional purchasing places, rich of contemporary signs and characterized by the presence of vibrating elements in continuous transformation. We like to see an artisan pasta packaging alongside a painting with acrylic paint or a stack of hard cheese which supports a bronze sculpture. All the products on sale at 4 COSE can be further

customized through special cards hand printed in serigraphy designed by artists and that make each pack into a true art work. This admixture of matter so different and in dialogue with the gastronomy, is an opportunity for us to establish a dialogue with our customers that goes beyond the mere economic exchange. Because in the life no one eats only food but also culture and love.

Art abstracted to the ultimate materiality of food

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4 COSE / Italy Andrea Sassi V. Vincenzo Monti 25, 42122 +39 335 6097304

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4 COSE /United Kingdom Cullinan Richards
7 Vyner Street E2 9DG +44 7809 422880

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