4 COSE stocks products that are the foundation of Italian cooking. We have a specialized selection of extra virgin olive oil, parmesan cheese, crafts pasta, sausages and seasonal specialities. Working with small and medium-size producers in Italy,

4 COSE offers products that are unique to their region and are still made according to old traditions. All products are made from only the best ingredients, giving the customer an unfiltered experience with all senses: sight, smell, touch and taste.
















A new way to collect

In a time where convenience and mass production often trump quality, 4 COSE takes a different approach. Working directly with small producers, whose traditional approach to production ensures a high level ofquality and excellence. We want to focus on quality products at good prices. By buying directly from the local producer,

we are able to offer high quality products at very fair prices. We also offer wholesale for those interested. We regularly organise the transports of goods from Italy, which gives customers the opportunity to order in advance with an instant rebate on price and, most importantly, with the guarantee of fresh products.


Make orders by May 10th and get 10% discount on all products.

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Are you an Italian food manufacturer who is looking for an international showcase? Do you want raise the knowledge of your product also outside the national borders? 4 COSE is constantly looking for authentic regional specialties of highest level that

can increase and improve the supply for all our customers. If you believe that your product can satisfy our criteria of quality and price, please let send an email to us at info@4cose.com, we will write to you as soon as possible.








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